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Monday, May 1, 2017

Flirtin' with the Monster

Flirtin' with the Monster is a collection of essays focused on addiction, primarily the addiction portrayed through Kristina/Bree in Crank and Glass (this was published before Fallout)
I believe that everyone anywhere can relate to the topics discussed in this book. Each one of us has either known someone with an addiction or struggled with addiction themselves. 
In the Crank Trilogy, Ellen Hopkins chose to discuss her daughter's struggle with the monster, specifically crystal meth. Told through the eyes of Kristina/Bree, we truly understand the internal and external struggle of addiction. It gives us an opportunity to experience addiction without ever actually touching a drug. 
Now, why would anyone want to experience drug addiction?
The answer is simple. 
We want to know the unknown. 
In this collection, many authors, psychologists, law enforcement, and even Ellen's children discuss how addiction affects everyone in their own way. It is not something only the addict struggles with. Many people do not understand the struggle that comes with addiction, but Ellen Hopkins put pen to paper to understand her daughter's addiction. 
Thus, Crank was born and readers all around the world have praised Ellen for writing about such a controversial topic with such confidence. For writing a book that showed she understands. For writing a book that quite possibly saved their lives.
I will recommend this book to ANYONE and EVERYONE that comes in my path. 
ANYONE struggling with addiction.
ANYONE that has a friend of family member struggling with addiction.
EVERYONE that enjoys Ellen Hopkins writing.

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