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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Sin Such as This

Not only is it the sequel to Love Lies Beneath, but I managed to win a signed copy!

Okay, enough about me. You wanna hear about the book.

I wasn't totally prepared for A Sin Such as This mainly because I couldn't remember being thrilled by the first one. But once I got started, I couldn't put it down!
So we pick back up with Tara and Cavin coming back to the real world after having the time of their lives on their honeymoon. But the real world has so much drama; work, stepchildren, family, friends, maybe even a stalker. But Tara doesn't let that rock her world. She's still knows how to turn on the charm and get her way. But will that work on her husband? It's barely been three months and she already feels married to a man she hardly knows. Not to mention her niece, Kayla, is dating her stepson, who TOTALLY has the hots for her Tara, Sophie, and God knows who else. No one in their right mind wants teenagers in their home that aren't even their responsibility, but Tara still expects them to respect her. It's just drama on drama on dramaaaaaa in their house. Especially when Melody comes to visit. It's no secret that Tara and her sister, Mel, aren't the closest but maybe that could change when Mel starts letting her hair down. Sure, she has no control over her kids, and her marriage is crumbling, but please sleep with that stranger the day before burying your mom.

Honestly, I hope that I'm not this petty or secretive in my 40's (I know it's 20 years from now but ya know whatevs). There was so much drama but honestly, the drama is what makes the book. The ending kind of had me squirming because Tara is such an eccentric character that I'm not quite sure how to respond to; it's almost like I love to hate her. 

Anyway, get the book!

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