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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Secrets of Southern Girls

How would you live your life if you thought you killed your best friend?
How would you feel knowing you get to grow older than 17 years and she doesn't?
How would you sleep after watching her drown?
How would you survive motherhood knowing you took that from her?
 But what would you do if you found out all of that was a lie?
Reba had no idea how much her life was going to change the day she met Julie. Scared, innocent Julie who just lost both of her parents. Reba knew they would be close friends and made sure they would tell each other everything. Until one day....they didn't. 
August, the only black boy in Lawrence Mills, Mississippi, wanted Reba for himself. He knew her father was a racist, but he still needed her touch. He needed Reba to know how much she meant to him, even if they decided to runaway and start a family together. He wanted to be there.
But Toby wanted Reba too. He always had, and knew she wanted him BAD. He often finds himself painting depictions of Reba, again, and again, and again. He knew her better than anyone else. He knew the full truth. He knew about her love affair with August, he knew about her fights with Jules, he knew about how sneaky she was, he knew she was his, he even knew what happened when she died.
Most of the book is told through Julie's perspective, with sprinkles of Toby and August throughout. However, we also get a taste of Reba's little purple journal, her diary. Honestly, I wish the journal was more frequent throughout Secrets of Southern Girls. Towards the end, we're reading journal entries one right after the other. Wherever the story was at that point is where we were at in the journal as well. Overall, it was a fairly decent book. Not quite the thriller I was hoping for, but the secrecy of it all was exciting to me. I often wondered why it was so scattered, but I understood it all in the end.
Huge thank you to NetGalley for giving me an advanced reader's copy to review!!
Mark your calendars, Secrets of Southern Girls hits shelves on June 6th!

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