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Friday, November 29, 2013

Staying Strong

Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year is Demi's way of trying to help. She gives us insight into her struggling and what it was like overcoming self-harm along with addiction. Start each day with a quote to get through the day. Know that nothing can harm you, but yourself and the thoughts you're having. Demi Lovato wholeheartedly put her entire soul into this book. She wants young girls to have a role model. In all honesty, this is a feel good kind of book. Almost everyone can relate to the things she's saying. Whether you've been bullied or not bullied, you need to read this book. We as people need to stop the hatred and violence going on in the world. We may not be able to do this one by one, but it's a start. Demi wants all of you to know that she is there for you, as do I. If anyone ever needs a shoulder to cry on, or someone to confide in, I will be here for you. Feel free to reach out to me, I'll be there for you 100% of the time.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars

Let me start out by saying "My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations." That quote right there describes the entire book. When I started The Fault in Our Stars, I didn't know it was about cancer kids. I thought it was going to be one big teenage sob story, but it wasn't. Hazel is not like the normal teenager, she wheels around her breathing cart, Philip, and obviously cannot do most teenage things. However, she does go to the Cancer Support Group, to "live the best life today!" It's a drag most of the time. She speaks in sighs with her acquaintance, Isaac. Then she meets Augustus Waters, one of Isaac's friends. Of course they fall in love. But the steps they take together makes up the whole book. The three of them have different forms of cancer. Isaac eventually has to have his eyes removed, becoming permanently blind. Hazel has water in her lungs. And Augustus has a fake leg. Hazel and Augustus are two very bright teenagers. Using Augustus's only wish, they travel to Amsterdam to visit an author. The trip wasn't a total bust, but quite unexpected. I would continue on, but my tears are starting to cloud my vision. Fabulous book, almost any age can read it, just please pick up a copy as soon as you can!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Encyclopedia of Dead Rock Stars

Heroin, Handguns, and Ham Sandwiches.
The title says it all! The Encyclopedia of Dead Rock Stars covers everyone from 1915 to now. Jeremy Simmonds laid it out for us in a very neat way. In the beginning there is a page of symbols to show how that particular rock star died. Every page has a different story. We get an inside look into that rock star's life. Everyone from Elvis Presley, to Jimi Hendrix, to Sid Vicious is in this book! We get a little taste of their life along with interesting facts that are not always known. Not to mention he even includes some obituaries in there as well! Jeremy Simmonds did a great job counting through the years in an awesome chronological fashion. He literally counts up to modern rock stars from just a few years ago. I encourage any rock fan to pick up a copy of this book. Find your favorite musician and learn something new!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Family

Ed Sanders wrote The Family for us to grasp the entirety of The Manson Family. He retells us about the gruesome murders, while giving us insight into what the Family was thinking that very night. We learn all about life on the ranch and life on the run. Keep in mind, I have also read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi. These two novels show us a few different sides to the Family. Helter Skelter shows how cruel and vicious they truly were. It also takes place more in the courthouse than within the actual Family. The Family, however, tells us their tales. A little known fact about Ed Sanders, he spent time with the Family. They welcomed him and told him their tales. They thought being with him would make him even more famous. For the most part, they trusted him. Not to mention, Squeaky and Gypsy made Sanders a shirt for coming to sing with them on the ranch. Sanders has more information on the trials and the Family than anyone else. He also has the biggest Manson "shrine" so to speak. In all honesty, Sanders is an old hippie. We catch on to that early in the book, due to the phrases he uses. The Family is a quick read if you are truly interested.. Otherwise, it is kind of slow and hard to understand at parts. But this book did have some things in it that were not in Helter Skelter, almost giving us a full understanding of the Family. Lets face it, we'll never really know what was going through their heads those few years.

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