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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Six Months Later

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Natalie D. Richards is my go-to author for YA thrillers.

So, turns out Sourcebooks Fire is re-releasing a bunch of her books with new covers, which is great for me because I just found her a few years ago, so yay for matching covers!

Six Months Later tells a very confusing tale. Main character, Chloe, has what she believes is amnesia. She falls asleep in study hall, when suddenly six months of her life have vanished. She literally became a new person overnight. She bailed on her best friend Maggie, she's dating the high school heartthrob Blake, and secretly fawning over bad boy Adam. 

Oh, and she somehow scored at 1540 on her SAT's even though she's slacked off for the past three years and is barely passing her classes. 

None of this makes sense. She has no idea how she became this person. She has no idea why everyone is suddenly accepting her into the popular crowd at school. Even her mother has fallen for this new and improved Chloe. So why does she hate this life so much? Her life has officially been made.

But obviously there's some deep dark secrets lurking around this small Ohio town. So when a trip to California arises and they can visit Chloe's friend Julien who moved to California out of literally nowhere....that might be the answer to all her questions.....

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

The One and Only Bob

Yall remember Bob?
Little pup with a taste for adventure?
Best friends with a gorilla named Ivan?

That's right, The One and Only Bob picks up right where The One and Only Ivan drops off.
Ivan gets a new home, in a new zoo, where Julia's dad works....which means Bob, Ivan, and elephant Ruby can hangout ALL THE TIME!

Obviously, this story is about far more than just the unlikely friendship of dog, gorilla, elephant. 
It's a story about fear, courage, and love.

So, this book follows Bob's story of abandonment, homelessness, finding his zoo pals, and settling into his furever home with Julia, George, and Sara. He's becoming a soft pup, maybe even a little lazy. He gets to lay in his own bed all day, watch tv, and wait for Julia to walk him down the street to see all his neighborhood friends, minus his lifelong enemy, Nutwit the squirrel. But other than that, he is living his best life. But when a hurricane blows through town and he get separated from his family, he begins he.....flying? 

Dozens of thoughts are spinning through his head but the only thing he can think of is getting tossed on the side of the road with his brothers and sisters so many years ago. He couldn't save them, but he's going to try his best to save all the creatures in the zoo, wolves and all.

This was just so stinking cute and I loved it just as much as The One and Only Ivan. I hope Katherine Applegate keeps up with this series because I am OBSESSED.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

The Grass Harp

I love Truman Capote so much.
I constantly picture him as one of his characters and it's always easy to pick which ones he seems to base off of himself. Whether it's a small characteristic or a story literally based during his childhood, this aesthetic is immediately identifiable. It also helps that I'm from Alabama, just like him. It's so comforting to be reading about streets I've been on, towns I've been in, and places I've just passed through. It almost gives me a nostalgic feeling for my own childhood.
Anyway, you guys probably want to hear about the book.
So The Grass Harp focuses on Collin who lives with his quirky aunts, Dolly and Verena. These sisters have their fair share of problems and Collin quickly finds himself in the middle of it. During a disagreement, Dolly and her friend Catherine run into the woods with Collin in tow, to start their new lives in their treehouse. They want to live on their terms, they want to become themselves, they want Verena to let them make decisions for themselves without her hateful eye watching over them. It was a story of friendship, love, and growing up. Definitely everything I expected from a story like this.

Now this book also included some of Capote's short stories. Some of my favorites were "Children on Their Birthdays," "Miriam," and "The Headless Hawk." Each one had just the right amount of quirk that kept me drawn in until the very end!

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Friday, May 1, 2020

Home Sweet Murder

Home Sweet Murder
Imagine you're getting ready for dinner with your significant other when the doorbell rings. There's a man claiming to be an SEC agent. Maybe your lawyer husband is getting files dropped off on a Sunday night? You think nothing of it.....but suddenly a taser has been drawn and your husband is flopping on the floor with taser coils protruding from his chest. Panic sets in and you realize you guys need to SURVIVE.

This is exactly what happened to Leo and Sue Fisher in November 2016.
This fictionalization of their night was traumatizing. Leo thought he and his wife were as good as dead. The man torturing them was convinced he murdered them both and was getting ready to light the house on fire when the alarms started blaring. Sue held her own and literally fought for their lives....over a misunderstanding at Leo's law firm.

Murder on the Run
 Imagine coming home from work and seeing your housekeeper with a knife in her neck, even worse....picture your son nearby, also with a knife in his neck. You're a doctor, you know as soon as you see them that they're both dead. But why? Why would this happen?

The detectives originally believed the 11 year old boy may have been talking to a sex offender in the private message of XBox Live. When that angle didn't work out, the case went cold for a little over five years. Until another doctor and his wife are found murder in their home with, you guessed in, knives in their necks. That's when it all clicked for the detectives, these murders are connected through the university the doctors work for. It couldn't have been more obvious. A mere 36 hours later, they knew exactly who they were looking for.

Now, I am not a James Patterson fan by any means but his true crime series is one of my favorites! Quick and easy to read.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Little Fires Everywhere

Get this book.
Read this book.
Love this book.

I'm not even going to lie to you guys, I absolutely inhaled this book.

Now the first....30 or so pages I was thinking "Why the hell would I care about this rich ass white family and their problems?" Then suddenly four hours had passed and I was so painfully invested in their lives and LOVING IT.

So, Little Fires Everywhere actually has quite a bit going on.
It's set in the late 90's with flashbacks to the 80's. It follows two families: The Richardson's, family of 6 which include Mr. and Mrs. Richardson -lawyer and news reporter respectively, Trip -athlete, Moody -his name is very fitting, Lexie -perfect child, and Izzy -the black sheep; and then there's the Warrens, family of 2, Mia -a struggling artist, and Pearl -a teenager looking for a normal life.
When Mia finds the Richardson's apartment for rent, it seems too good to be true. The neighborhood is picturesque, the people are incredibly friendly, and everyone is truly proud of who they are and where they come from. Which comes easy for Mrs. Elena Richardson who was born and raised in Shaker Heights, left for college and promptly returned home with her new husband to start a family. 

But Mia has led a vastly different life. She's never really had a place to call her own. Pearl has never even had her own bedroom. They've bounced around from town to town whenever Mia has a new photography project on her mind. They pack all their belongings into a car and hit the road. But Shaker Heights is different. They might finally have a place to belong.

Honestly, this book amazed me. I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this and how quickly I devoured it. I'm highly recommending it to literally EVERYONE!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Dead Girls Club

The Dead Girls Club focuses on a foursome of teenage girls who are obsessed with all things macabre. They gather around to talk about serial killers, death, witches, and ghosts. But when one girl starts telling the story of the Red Lady, things start to get weird......

This book grabbed my attention because I also love all things macabre. I thought this would be a fun little read about what it would have been like to have a group of friends to discuss these topics with, without them thinking I was crazy. Well, that's exactly what happens in the book until main character, Heather, tells all the girls Becca's story is just a story. There's no way the Red Lady can be real. Legend has it, the Red Lady was a witch who was buried alive. No one tried to stop the town when they cut out her tongue, chopped off her hands and feet, and began shoveling dirt onto her body and into her mouth. Soon, the entire town began dreaming about the Red Lady, blood covering everything; everywhere she went blood flowed freely from her stumps. The people in the town began waking up with the taste of dirt in their mouth, eventually they would end up at the bottom of a pit, dead. Becca told stories about the Red Lady for weeks. Convincing all the girls she was real. They began doing rituals to contact her to ask for her help. Becca needed someone when her life got too hard to handle. She believed the Red Lady was the person who would make things right.

This story was told through alternating timelines, past and present.
We follow 13 year old Heather and the Dead Girls Club throughout the 90s and up to the fateful night that Heather would rather forget. The present day storyline follows Dr. Heather Cole, a child psychologist who begins receiving mysteries gifts; gifts that lead her to believe someone was there the night that Becca died....

Huge thanks to Crooked Lane Books for sending me an ARC!

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Night Stalker

It's no surprise that I love true crime books with a passion.

I've had The Night Stalker on my shelf for several years but had never gotten around to reading it until now. Truth be told, my motivation to pick it up came from Richard Ramirez being a character on American Horror Story: 1984.

Richard Ramirez was a petty thief, a measly criminal, a self-professed Satanist.
He moved to Los Angeles, where he could become one with the night. He could easily sneak into homes and take whatever he deemed valuable. Before long he deemed human life the most valuable of all. He fed off of the fear he inflicted on unsuspecting victims. Over the course of two years, he terrorized California. There were break-ins all over the state, all of which included rapes and murders of men and women of all ages. No one was safe with the Night Stalker on the prowl.

Influenced by heavy metal and a rocky home life, Ramirez was not surprised by who he had become. He believed Satan was on his side through it all. He was protected by evil forces, the same evil forces that drove him to rape, sodomize, and murder. He believed this was his destiny. When caught, he was fully prepared to plead guilty to most of the crimes he was being charged with (he opposed the abduction charges??? I mean those weren't even the worst charges).

Now, I have a few problems with the case.
Richard was eventually apprehended by a neighborhood of people who went on to receive awards for their heroism.....before Ramirez was even convicted of these crimes. The very public theatrics the police departments put on for these civilians could have very easily skewed the public perception of who the Night Stalker really was. Because of these public praises, many people, victims and potential jurors alike, knew Ramirez had been badly beaten when caught. Therefore having Ramirez be identified in a lineup after his image and suspected crimes had been all over the news did not particularly seem fair. I also find it crazy that because of this media presence, they refused to move his trial out of the area?!

Regardless, he needed to be punished for his crimes.
After a grueling trial, the jury found him guilty and sentenced him to death 19 times. Given that California overturned their stance on the death penalty, Ramirez lived out the rest of his life on death row at San Quentin State Prison.

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