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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Okay, so honestly I don't know how I feel about this book. 
But I will say it definitely would make a killer movie with the right cast.
Callie and several of her friends are ex-military. They all served in Iraq together and all made it out alive. But how did one of them manage to get killed while working for Latin Leather, a clothing company. Sure, they had all dabbled in drugs and partied and most of their time after the military was spent in a hazy room with vivid memories. 
Turns out Latin Leather isn't just clothing, it's enough drugs to supply an entire company. But they already knew that, so why was Rachel sent to Guatemala for a business meeting?
Did she get in over her head?
Is there more than just drugs involved?
Could they have uncovered a human trafficking ring?
Callie and Angus set off to find out leaving their lives at home behind.
Huge shout out to NetGalley for auto-approving me for this book.
While it wasn't my favorite, it was still a quick read that I did enjoy.

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