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Monday, May 22, 2017

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

It's closing time and Lydia is locking up at Bright Ideas, the local bookstore she works at. But something tonight just doesn't feel right. Are all of her regular bookfrogs gone or are some still in the building? What Lydia finds is that all but one of her bookfrogs are gone... but one is not leaving her. Joey, the quiet kid that claims books saved his life, has hanged himself on the upper level of the store. Under complete shock, panic, pain, guilt, Lydia finds a childhood picture of herself in his pocket... But why would he have that? He only shopped at her store, they weren't exactly friends. 
Turns out, Joey thought very highly of her and actually left all of his belongings to her. All of his belongings and many, many secrets for her to uncover. 
But uncovering Joey's secrets means she has to uncover many of her own. Can she relive her experiences of the HammerMan? Can she handle rekindling her friendship with Raj? Is she prepared for the overwhelming amount of pressure bestowed upon her all because of Joey, a boy she barely knew?
Turns out, Joey has secrets he didn't want to keep.
Raj had secrets he didn't even know existed.
Lydia knew who the HammerMan was all along.
But did her father have more information than he knew?

I love, love, love this book and am so appreciative of NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy of it!
Mark your calendars, Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore hits shelves June 13th!

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