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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hidden Bodies

I love how much Joe grows as a character in Hidden Bodies!

He falls in love, again.
At the end of You, we briefly meet Amy Adam.
Using stolen credit cards in Joe's bookstore, she somehow manages to grab hold of his heart and yank it straight out of his chest. But he'll get his revenge and just add Amy to his CandaceBenjiPeachBeck list.

But first.....

He has to leave New York and move to LA.

Amy isn't even his first kill there, and trust me he kills a few people before he even finds her.
Regardless, Joe is far less creepy and sex crazed in this book. He actually falls in love with Love. He honestly falls in love with his LA lifestyle that he never expected to be a part of. He never wanted to make it in Hollywood, but it looks like that might be exactly what's happening.

Amy is literally an after-thought in his new life. He doesn't mind that she ripped him off, used him, stomped all over his heart.... because he's started a new life, a better life, and he's ready to put the past behind him.

Joe really matures in Hidden Bodies, I mean, as much as a sociopath can mature. But his character is just written SO MUCH BETTER. I gave You an awful review, but stuck it out for this one and I'm so glad I did.

Looking for the rest of the series?