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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crank Trilogy

Crank begins the story of the monster Kristina created. Spending the summer with her dad, she meets a boy and her struggle with drugs begins. Not soon after, she becomes pregnant and decided to keep the baby. This story is told completely through the eyes of Kristina and Bree, her other personality. We see her friendships crumble and her crack addiction worsen.
In Glass, Kristina meets a new monster, meth. After being kicked out of her mothers house and losing custody of her son, Hunter, she finds a new boyfriend. Trey is everything she could ever ask for and more. The only catch is he's a drug dealer. Kristina gets caught in Trey's drug web and they both find themselves sitting in jail. With Kristina pregnant, yet again.
We all wanted to see what happened to Hunter, and what will happen with her new baby. Fallout is exactly that. We get to look into the lives of 3 of Kristina's children. They grew up in different households with different last names and have an odd relationship with their mother. We see the pain that Kristina has caused them and the mess she has made. We watch their everyday lives and get a peek at Christmas with the family.
These 3 hectic books are based on true stories. If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs, there are hotlines to help! Just check out this website for more information on overcoming an addiction:

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