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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Stranger Beside Me

The Stranger Beside Me is the shocking true story of serial killer, Ted Bundy. The amazing thing about this book is that it was written by a close friend of his, Ann Rule. Ann and Ted worked together at the Crisis Hotline many years ago while Ted was a psychology student at the nearby University. Ann recalls hearing his soothing voice as he talked with someone about their problems. They spent many nights at the Crisis Hotline and soon became friends. Although Ann was never attracted to Ted, she admitted he was extremely handsome. As time went on, they went their separate ways. Ann's life would change forever when she began putting the pieces together after a few young ladies went missing and others were killed. She doubted it was Ted, but at the same time believed it was his doings. This chilling novel allows us to see the other side of Ted Bundy. The side that actually cared about people and just wanted freedom. He had such a bright future ahead of him, but something set him off and he began his infamous killings, killing around 40 girls and women. The viewpoint of this book is something I never expected. Ann was his friend, even though she worked very closely with the police. But no matter what, she stuck with Ted until the very end. If you love a good thriller, or a real life murder mystery, I highly recommend The Stranger Beside Me.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Just an Update

My fellow readers! It is time to update this post once again! Early this week, A Reader's Diary started an Instagram page, areaders.diary!! I will frequently be posting photos of the books I have read, am currently reading, and will read. Not to mention we have started doing giveaways!! Giveaways are easy to enter: follow the blog, follow the instagram, and enter to win! I cannot wait to show all of you the new and improved Reader's Diary. I hope you guys enjoy!!
As always, Jessica

Hey there readers! Updating this post yet again. As I said in my earlier post, this is no longer a school project for me. Although it is no longer summer vacation, I've had quite a bit on my plate! No more free time for this college freshman. ): I'm hoping to add many more new books of different genres this year, but who knows. I'm also trying to let everyone know that I DO HAVE A GOODREADS ACCOUNT. I encourage all readers to get one, they are so helpful!! Here is the link to my account:
Enjoy, Jessica. :)

Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately, its been so busy! If it isn't obvious, it's summer vacation and that means my blog as a school project is OVER. I do plan on keeping it up, but it will no longer be weekly. Whenever I finish a book, I'll post my review! Thanks for keeping up with A Reader's Diary, I really do appreciate it!! Much love, Jessica. :)