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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Calling Maggie May

Calling Maggie May is the newest addition to the Anonymous Collection. While the others were things that most people have seen or heard about, like drugs, eating disorders, and homosexual kids, Calling Maggie May was about the life of a call girl. That's right, a bunch of young girls and boys work as prostitutes for Miss Irma. It all started with a crush a Tyler to stalking Ada to finally breaking away from her parents overpowering rules. She loses her virginity on her first "date" but decides if Ada does all this and gets paid pretty nicely, she can do it too. Her parents will never know, that is until her grades start slipping... In the end, she pays her and Ada's debt to Miss Irma, but still walks the street with her new "boyfriend" Shawn. Too bad Shawn is really a pimp and Maggie is too naive to see it. Usually the journal ends with police reports saying they've found a runaway or found the body, but this one only had an editor's note and it felt incredibly out of place.

I guess this was not my favorite journal, but I'm always happy to read and see life through someone elses eyes.

Looking for the rest of this series?

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