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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lucy in the Sky

Yet again, another review on a published journal. Obviously, these are my favorite! Lucy in the Sky is about a 16 year old girl trying to make decisions for herself. She doesn't want to be left in the shadows of her older brother. She goes to yoga with him everyday, and meets a boy named Ross. He's a super hot surfer dude. He introduces her to marijuana and starts taking her to parties. She makes friends with a couple of girls and almost hooks up with a 20 year old guy! Eventually she's drinking and doing drugs every single day. She feels the urge to try everything there is. Which leads her to cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin. She accidentally overdosed and found herself in Palm Springs Rehab Facility. She finally turns her life around and realizes she never wants to be that girl again. However, the shocking last page was not something I expected. This anonymous journal is a crazy roller coaster ride of all the highs and lows of this poor girls life. Everyone should take a look into Lucy's life. You'd be surprised.

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