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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Brandon Novak, dreamseller, heroin addict. 
This addiction memoir is on of the best memoirs I've read. Instead of telling us about how he wants to get clean but can't, he tells us about how terrible it was when he needed a fix. Within the first 20 pages, he's selling his body to an old, married man just so he can get a little bit of heroin. The reoccurring theme in the book is that he threw away his life. He was a professional skateboarder on the Powell Peralta team! He was given that opportunity by his idol, Bucky Lasek. His childhood friend Bam Margera gave him countless opportunities to clean up and get back to skating but he threw it all away for a quick fix. What I loved about this memoir was the way we learned about Brandon. We hear all of these stories when he begins meeting with his rehabilitation counselor. We know his fears, we know his ambitions, we want him to recover. 
Brandon Novak, at 29 years old was finally clean. 
But July 31, 2015, Novak had a message for recovering addicts:

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