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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Breaking Bailey

I have a newfound appreciation for this series.
I started reading the Anonymous Collection books when I was a teenager and it was a gateway for me to start learning about addiction, abuse, prostitution, and other terrible things that some teens go through. It blew my mind as a teen that other kids my age were actually going through things like this. I was skeptical about this one because the last one I read just left me feeling like I had my run with the collection. But this one renewed my love of them because I can see the downfall as it's happening and understand that raw feeling that leaves teens feeling helpless and alone.

Breaking Bailey deals with addiction, specifically Meth, Adderall, and Percocets.We meet Bailey who is grieving the loss of her mother and living away from home for the first time ever, at a prestigious boarding school. She has a love of chemistry and is hoping to get into Harvard. So when a group of teens ask her to join their Science Club she jumps at the chance. Just a little thing she didn't know though....the Science Club is actually a rundown building with a lab in the basement, a lab where they cook meth. Each teen has their own job in the Club and Bailey quickly becomes a "chemist." Obviously those raw teen emotions come out and she starts dating Warren, her meth cooking partner. Soon she becomes hooked on Adderall and eventually Percocets.

This book focuses on a few things. Bailey quickly got hooked because she didn't like the crash after taking the pills. She physically needed them to get through the day because her body craved the chemicals that her brain could no longer produce on its own. Her downfall happens pretty quickly. Everything starts becoming clearer for her when she realizes the horrors of meth addiction and how it can tear families apart. She wants out.

In true Go Ask Alice fashion, I'm sure you can guess how it ends.

Looking for the rest of the series?

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