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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Letting Ana Go

Everyone, I think I have an obsession with these published journals... I read Letting Ana Go in a total of 4 hours. For some reason, her journal took ahold of my heart and actually made me cry. It was shocking reading about a 16 year old girl who thought she was fat, when she only weighed 125 lbs at most. This is her story of what she calls "willpower". She ran track and had to keep up with her calories for the coach. However, her best friend, Jill was a ballerina who had to keep up with her calories as well. They were both obsessed with losing as much weight as possible. They were addicted to being thin, they both created forums where they would post pictures of themselves looking like skeletons. It broke my heart reading this journal. It hit me, this was a recent thing. Ana writes about going to see Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I also did a review on. That movie came out last winter. The fact that this is happening to my generation is honestly heartbreaking. Girls, you are all beautiful. Weighing as little as possible isn't healthy, the severity of what happens next is what scares me the most. Everyone please read Letting Ana Go. I promise it will open your eyes to things you could have never imagined.

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