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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trust No One

Trust No One is the greatest book I've read all year, possibly the greatest book I've ever read. 

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with my newest addiction.

Jerry Grey, crime writer, Alzheimer patient, killer?
Jerry Grey's alter ego Henry Cutter is a dedicated and well known crime writer. He's published 12 books and working on 13 when Dr. Goodstory diagnoses him with Alzheimer's disease at age 49. It's moving quickly and he just can't keep writing.... So he starts what is meant to be his final project, his Madness Journal, which he's also using as a way to stay sane. He remember's the first time he forgot his wife's name, but he doesn't remember killing her at all.... We learn about Jerry and his Journal while following his life in and out of the nursing home. He escapes from time to time and women end up dead. He has an envelope of jewelry in his room with no recollection of where it came from. He confesses to crimes he may or may not have committed, starting with Suzan with a z, from his first novel. He needs to find his Journal, because he knows he's written one, maybe two, maybe even three? But just where did he hide it....
Paul Cleave keeps you reading for hours on end. This psychological thriller will keep you guessing and wondering and questioning everyone in the book. But in the end, you'll never believe what happens. I cannot wait for this to be available to all of you! I highly suggest it!!

Mark your calenders, Trust No One comes out August 4th!

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