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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Maxine Revere is her name.
Cold cases are her game.
But this time.....
She has a federal agent on her side.
In this dynamic crossover novel, we see Max and Lucy Kincaid working their hardest to find a killer they know is still out there. They both have personal stakes in this collection of cold cases. These cases came across Maxine's desk when longtime friend John, called for help clearing his wife's name. She couldn't possibly have killed their son. The proof? 3 other cold cases where a young boy was killed in a similar manner. One of those boys was Lucy's nephew and best friend. 
Justin was killed when the two of them were seven and a half years old. This monster took her nephew, ruined a marriage, and confused the family for almost 20 years.... until now.
Fair warning because I'm about to post spoilers.
You guys all know, I love the Maxine Revere stories and have since the first one randomly showed up on my doorstep. However, this one was incredibly predictable. I quickly learned from other reviews that it wasn't near as predictable to them as it was to me. It was obvious, to me, from the first mention of no sexual assault during the kidnapping and murder that the person of interest would be a woman who also lost a little boy. The second they mentioned drugs in the system, it was even more obvious that it was a woman. Then they say he was buried with his favorite stuffed animal and my mind was screaming LOOK FOR A FREAKING WOMAN.
So while others found this suspenseful and a shocking twist, I knew.
I've done extensive research in infanticide and mothers who kill their children.
I also have degrees in Criminal Justice AND Psychology.
But I am by no means discrediting Allison Brennan because this book was still absolutely fantastic and the amount of research she must have put into this book is astounding. 

Looking for the rest of the series?
Maximum Exposure (Maxine Revere prequel)

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