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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Adam Bachman killed 5 people. Maxine Revere believes he killed 7. But how did he do all this without a partner? He didn't.
Compulsion starts with Adam kidnapping Ava Raines and the police finding her drugged in the trunk of her very own car. Max wants an interview with Bachman, just 20 minutes, to see if she can prove he also killed the Palazzolos. With the help of Max's new assistant, Riley, they begin digging into Adam's past. Riley makes a breakthrough with a mental health facility, giving the Maximum Exposure team a place to start their investigation. The whole team delves into the investigation to find who and how many people could be Bachman's partner. Max, Riley, and another assistant sit in on the trial to take notes, while others are out following leads. However, someone is following Max... Her disappearance throws everyone off track and she quickly becomes the main concern. BUT Bachman's partners are the ones who have kidnapped her. David is flying through a whirlwind of emotions trying to find her. Detective Nick Santini and Agent Marco Lopez must put their love for Max behind them and work together to help David. The whole team wants her found, alive. 
The investigation takes off on a completely frantic chase to find Max, arrest the partners, and bring closure to the Palazzolo family. The chain of events that take place at the end of the novel includes far too many spoilers to post here without giving away too much of the surprise!

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