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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


A little over a year ago, this novel showed up at my doorstep. I have no idea how or why I was sent this book, but I am extremely grateful to have received it.
Maxine Revere is an investigative reporter, specializing in cold cases. In high school, her distant best friend, Lindy, was murdered. In college, her roommate, Karen, went missing. And now, Kevin has killed himself and Max needs to give his family closure. Everyone believed Kevin killed Lindy. But he was innocent. He was always innocent and his family wants to clear his name. Upon arriving home for Kevin's funeral, Max is approached by the grandparents of Jason Hoffman, a young man recently killed in cold blood. They want her help. Max has written books, articles, and even stars in her very own show, Maximum Exposure. She wants to help. But does she have time to investigate Jason's murder when finding closure for Lindy and Kevin's families? Max is reckless, but not stupid. She's blown cases, spent the night in jail, and even put herself in harms way. But she has always find the answers. But these cases are different, they are literally too close to home. They ARE home. Do blood relations mean more than locking away a killer? Could Maxine tear her family apart looking for the answers? Will any of the families have closure, or will more get hurt along the way? 

Notorious is a wonderful start to Allison Brennan's newest series. As I was finishing this, I was calling the nearest bookstore to find the next one. Needless to say, I will be continuing this series and I hope all of you will too!!

Looking for the rest of the series?
Maximum Exposure (Maxine Revere prequel)
Compulsion (Maxine Revere #2)
Poisonous (Maxine Revere #3)
Two To Die For (Maxine Revere novella)
 Shattered (Maxine Revere #4)
Abandoned (Maxine Revere #5)

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