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Monday, August 14, 2017


Okay it's no secret that I love Allison Brennan.
It's really no secret that I love Maxine Revere.
So obviously, I loved Poisonous, it's actually my favorite in the series so far.
Poisonous revolved around internet drama, but not the bippity, boppity, teen bullshit that most people think of.
I mean yes, all of the characters were kids, but it was so much more than that. The story starts over 14 months ago, at least that's when cyberbully Ivy Lake was pronounced dead. It actually started much earlier than that. As a way to gain popularity, Ivy started a gossip blog that was all "true". It ruined many friendships and showed many people's true colors, Ivy included. The amount of attention her blog, Instagram, and Twitter got fueled her ego and gave her a sense of self-worth. A few months before Ivy died, Heather Brock committed suicide when Ivy leaked a pornographic video of Heather and her boyfriend. But for some reason, Ivy targeted one person at time, sometimes more, but continuously posted nasty and malicious things online so that people would know her name. 
Well, stepbrother Tommy was no longer allowed in the house because Ivy's mother thought he killed her. She thought he was strike again and target his younger half sister. But Tommy wasn't like that, he was a little kid in a grown man's body, a gentle giant, if you will. (Honestly, pictured Tommy as a modern day Lenny from Of Mice and Men). 
When Tommy penned a letter with help from Austin and Emma, it grabbed Maxine's attention and she knew she had to investigate.
Max knew who to call and who needed to be on her side for the case, but she never expected it to end the way it did. Not only did she begin to understand the amount of hostility this family had towards each other and will probably continue to have forever. 
This book is messy, energetic, intense, and amazing.
I loved every second of it and if you like investigative thrillers, you will too.

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