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Friday, September 6, 2019

Maximum Exposure

So, my husband and I just moved back to America from Korea this week!
I started our 3 day trek home with Maximum Exposure, the prequel to the Maxine Revere Series by Allison Brennan!

Obviously, if you guys have been keeping up with my reviews since college, you know how much I love this series. When I saw there was a prequel available, I knew I had to grab a copy.

In this prequel, we get to meet Maxine Revere and learn a little bit more about who she is and why she's dedicated to solving cold cases. I will say, it was a bit weird without David. But seeing her friendship with Ben grow into what we eventually see in the other books was a fantastic addition!

This was an incredibly quick read.
I mean, I read this entire book on my 2 hour flight to Japan!
But if you love Max, you'll love this.
Looking for the rest of the series?

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