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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Becoming Bonnie

Wow. Yes. Okay.
This book was amazing.
Becoming Bonnie is Jenni L Walsh's debut novel.
Imagine a time where prohibition is in full swing.
Imagine working at a speakeasy to make a little cash.
Imagine being 16 years old and getting married.
Imagine dropping out of high school and letting go of your dreams.
Imagine the crash of the century.
This is what it was like when Bonnelyn Parker met Clyde Barrow.
Bonn had been through a lot. Her diner job barely paid and hardly had hours for her. Buster got let go when he broke his hand at the cement plant. Ma is sick but with what? Little Billie is to young to work. And Daddy, well Daddy died when Bonnelyn was young. Turning to her best friend Blanche, she agrees to take a bus boy position at Doc's. But before long she's singin' along, swingin' her hips, and mixin' drinks. Not long after, fiance Roy starts asking questions he didn't want the answers to. This could be the end of Bonn and Roy. Besides, she's liking the attention she gets at Doc's. Well, not all of it. But she can't seem to get Clyde out of her head. She saved him once, ONE TIME, and now his eyes are burned into her mind. Those dimples are something she craves. She wants herself a clean shaven bad boy. Which is exactly what she gets when Clyde decides to give up his ways for her.
Bonnie and Clyde, meant to be, alive and free.
Bonnelyn's world is about to get flipped upside down.
They are now Bonnie and Clyde.

I am so stoked that I got to read this masterpiece and cannot wait to pick up the next one!!!

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