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Monday, December 30, 2019

Anthony Bourdain: The Last Interview

 "Anthony Bourdain (n) (adj); Anthony Bourdain is an author, chef, and television host. This is ironic because he is also Satan. He is one of the baddest motherfuckers to grace television. His books are well written, conscious, and can be quite humorous. His restaurant Les Halles serves amazing French Cuisine and is located in New York."

That Urban Dictionary quote for Anthony Bourdain had me cracking up.

I actually grabbed this book in the hopes that my husband would read it (he hasn't yet), so instead I went ahead and gave it a quick read. I mean, like a 2ish hour read. The Last Interview is exactly what it sounds like, Anthony Bourdain's last interviews. Reading this made me love him even more, I loved hearing how he describes different cultures and viewpoints, all while adding his trademark sense of humor.

A few things my husband and I love to watch (and inevitably fall asleep to) include ANY of Anthony Bourdain's shows or literally anything featuring Neil Degrasse Tyson. So, when I came across the interview "Anthony Bourdain: Dishes on Food" on Startalk, yeah you can imagine this was my favorite interview of the entire book.

This farewell to Bourdain didn't feel like a farewell. I could still hear his voice and picture his mannerisms throughout the entire book. It felt like I was sitting there during the interviews just watching. He had such a way with words, and a love for not just food but the culture behind it. It was honestly an all around great read.

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