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Saturday, December 7, 2019


Maxine Revere is back with a new cold case, and this time it's personal.

Martha Revere dumped Maxine at her childhood home to be raised by her grandparents when Max was only nine years old. Martha wanted to have fun, and Max was really dragging her and her boyfriend Jimmy down. They were constantly on the move and Max never seemed to enjoy that lifestyle (ironic considering in her adult life she travels all over to solve cold cases).

When Max turned 16, her mother's postcards stopped coming. She knew at that point, her mother's partying had probably gotten the best of her. Now at 32 years old she's ready to uncover the truth about her mothers disappearance. Max hires P.I. Sean Rogan to find some aliases Martha used, which in turn leads them to her car that was abandoned in Northampton County, a small town with ties to Jimmy Truman, Martha's one time boyfriend. Max begins her investigation with hopes to figure out what happened to her mother in that small town 16 years ago.

I will say, this was far more predictable than the rest of the series.
But the twists, which I won't mention here, are going to make this series grow!
I cannot wait to see the relationships Max is destined to build with some of the new characters. Her character development is going to be downright amazing and I'm beyond excited for another book featuring Maxine.

Looking for the rest of the series?

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