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Monday, July 30, 2018

The Devil's Only Friend

My favorite little sociopath is back in action, and he has backup!

The Devil's Only Friend picks up with John and Brooke in a new town, hunting a new monster, but John is employed by the FBI as a type of prodigy. Who knew his rules could land him an actual paying job where he got to hunt and kill monsters legally! It's a great job, but he still has his quirks. He's taking care of his impulses by beating hunks of meat with a club in his own house. He's setting controlled fires in grills. He's spending time with....people. People he can't help but fantasize about killing. But he knows he can't, he needs them. He needs the FBI on his team and he knows it.

So this elite team hunts Withered demons.
They keep Brooke in a protected wing of a psych ward, mainly because it seems like she has multiple personality disorder. In a way she does, but that's only because Nobody/Hulla kind of tried to take over her body.... so Brooke has all of her wisdom; years and years of ancient memories that come on at random. She recognizes faces and traits and most importantly, who the king is of this ancient group. A group who were considered Gods at one point and now have lost their traction. But they want it back and they'll do anything they can to get there.

Looking for the rest of the series?

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