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Thursday, June 8, 2017

One Was Lost

Forever ago, NetGalley provided me an advanced copy of One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards.
When I got it, I was thinking "Great, another teen murder story." Oh boy, was I wrong.
It starts out a little slow, but by the time it's over you're like Wait.... Did I just finished this book in 6 hours? (I really did just finish this book in 6 hours.)

A senior hiking trip took an ugly turn when the weather got rough. It separated the group, 4 with Mr. Walker and 2 with Ms. Brighton. Sera, Lucas, Emily, and Jude were all terrorized in the night. They became Darling, Dangerous, Damaged, and Deceptive. Their backpacks and snacks were scattered all around the campsite and their teacher was out cold. Did someone really drug them? Was this just an elaborate senior prank? Who would go through the trouble of torturing them on their final trip?
 What is happening on the other side? Are Madison and Hayley okay with Ms. Brighton? Could they be dead? Could someone be picking them off one by one? They have to figure out how to survive on their own without their teachers. They have to figure out how to stay sane and not completely turn against one another. Could some of them charm their way out of the limelight? 
Who will survive a night in the woods?

This book was such a quick read. 
Definitely recommend for a beach read if you like your books a little darker.
Sourcebooks Fire also provided me an exclusive excerpt of One Was Lost, check it out here!!

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