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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spotlight: The Dead Inside

Here's an introduction to The Dead Inside!

You're not going to believe this. Seriously, nobody does. But this stuff happened, right here in America. In the warehouse down the street. 
The warehouse had a name: Straight, Incorporated. Straight called itself a drug rehab for kids, but most of us had barely even smoked weed. Take me, for example. In September, at age thirteen, I smoked it for the first time. I tried smoking again in October. In November, I got locked up in Straight- for sixteen months. The second we entered the building, we all stopped being kids. We stopped being humans. Instead, we were Straightlings.
Other than my father and me, each person you read about here has a fake name. Many of the Straightlings are smooshed-together versions of different people, but everything happened exactly how I describe it. If you want proof, hit the epilogue. There you'll find court records, canceled checks, newspaper reportage, and Straight, Inc. international documents. Want more proof? Go online and read all of the survivor stories that are just like mine.
And to my fellow Straightlings? Put your armor on. You're going back on front row.

If you're interested in this memoir I do have an additional chapter from the book that I can share with you! It's far too long to include the entirety of Chapter 18, but I will be more than happy to share it with you!

Guys! I reviewed the follow up companion book to The Dead Inside!
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