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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Who Killed Kurt Cobain?

I never read graphic novels, but this one stuck out to me.
There are so many speculations of what happened to Kurt. Honestly, we'll never know for sure what happened, why he did it, or what drove him to it. But what we do know is what was left in his suicide note....
Nicolas Otero took a completely different stance, one that I'm not sure has ever been explored. 
Who Killed Kurt Cobain? was written in Boddah's voice. 
Boddah almost works as Kurt's conscious or alter ego, whichever you please. 
We all know his suicide note was written "To: Boddah" so it makes sense that Boddah would have something to do with it.
From this viewpoint, Boddah walks us through Kurt's life. Boddah has been with him for many, many years; longer than anyone and far before he was in the spotlight. Boddah tells us about Courtney, about how Boddah was there that night.... but Courtney wasn't.
This graphic novel addresses all the rumors floating around and sculpts them into something for Boddah to explain to us.
 Very neat concept about a rock star that I have loved for many years,
So I applaud you Otero, for dragging my attention away from a regular book to try something new.
Thank you.

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