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Monday, April 17, 2017

Don't Close Your Eyes


Okay, so you guys all know I loved Try Not to Breathe, but Don't Close Your Eyes is 4,000X better.
 Holly Seddon creates another thrilling twist of fate between twin sisters Robin and Sarah. They had been together their whole life when their mother has an affair and tears their family apart. Sarah moves to the States and Robin gains a new brother.
 Don't Close Your Eyes is not only told through alternating viewpoints between Robin and Sarah, but it is also told through alternating time frames that start in the '90s and working its way up to 2017. 
But how could this be a thriller?
Well Robin becomes a hermit. Never leaving her house, spying on neighbors, and paralyzed by virtually everything.
Then there's Sarah.... Sarah lost a child, maybe even two. She needs to find her sister to help her execute a plan to get her little girl back.
So, which sister is it?
Which sister do we know nothing about?
Which sister is telling lie after lie and deceving the ones she loves?
 Find out July 4th when Don't Close Your Eyes hits shelves!

Big thank you to NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy of Don't Close Your Eyes!

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