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Monday, February 6, 2017


Remember in middle school when your best friend would make you a binder cover? A cute little picture with narrations of your inside jokes? Something that people would look at and laugh, but had no idea what any of it meant?
That's what this book is. 
Besties by Leah Reena Goren tells the simple story of friendship. Two friends that take on the world, get matching tattoos, and even have cats who make a heart when laying together. 
Friendship like this is so pure. It's a great feeling knowing that someone will always be there for you. Whether your crying over a broken heart or needing midnight cheese fries. Someone that will be your constant concert companion, but also totally understands wanting to just stay home and binge watch your favorite show.
Because when it comes down to it, everyone needs a friend. 
Someone attached at the hip.
A Buddy.
Kindred spirits.
A Bestie.

Big thank you to Blogging For Books for sharing this with me!

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