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Sunday, August 16, 2015


3 friends, 3 different stories, 3 different lives intersect. Andrea and Marissa are sisters, each with their own marriage struggles. Andrea is divorced with a teenage daughter; whereas Marissa has a husband that is never around, a gay son, an a very special daughter with SMA with not much longer to live. Next is Holly, who I think is absolutely addicted to sex. She's gotten tired with her life at home, loving husband and 3 children (one of whom is pregnant) when Holly tries her hand at writing... Not just writing, but writing erotica when she falls "in love" with Bryan from her writing group and she begins "swinging" with him and including him as characters in her novels. When Holly's husband, Jace, finds out he goes to his good friend Andrea, who also happens to be Holly's best friend. But guess what? In all of Jace's despair, he sleeps with Andrea! On the flip side in Marissa's hospital smelling house, Shelby is slowly dying and Christian is finally coming to his senses. Does he like his son's sexuality? Absolutely not. Does he want to be there to make his daughter's last few hours enjoyable? Absolutely. But the tell-all question, does Shelby's death bring Marissa and Christian back together? That's up for the reader to decide!

What I love about this novel is that Ellen Hopkins has written Triangles through the eyes of mothers. Not just any mothers, the mothers of the children in her young adult novel, Tilt. The way she ties all of her novels together never ceases to amaze me. I applaud you! 

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