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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Tally Youngblood is on a mission to become pretty. She wants to live in New Pretty Town, wants to see Peris again, and most of all she doesn't want to be ugly for the next 3 months. Friendless Tally played an ugly trick and snuck into New Pretty Town to see Peris. Seconds away from getting caught, Tally journeys back to Uglyville and meets her new best friend Shay. Everything about Shay is wonderful. She hoverboards and plays uglies tricks, AND has the same birthday as Tally. Days before their birthday and their pretty operation, Shay talks about running away to The Smoke to be with David. The entire conversation hits Tally as wrong, who wouldn't want to be pretty? Shay runs away and Tally continues her ugly (almost pretty) life only to be stopped by the Special Circumstances to be recruited as a spy in The Smoke. How could she ruin things for her new friends? Especially everything she learns about the operation..... Tally needs help, she needs David, she needs Shay, and she needs to be pretty.

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Pretties (Uglies Saga #2)

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