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Sunday, June 14, 2015


Jennifer Johnson, age 15. Bulimarexic. Possible alcoholic. 
How do you go through your life without any happy, helium balloons like everyone else has? Jennifer takes us on her journey in the Eating Disorder Unit (EDU) of a hospital. Told through a journal type setting, Jennifer shows us all of the ups and downs of a mental hospital. She can't pee without someone standing in the doorway, her shared bedroom door doesn't close all the way, she must eat everything on her breakfast and lunch tray whether she likes it or not. The privacy in a facility like this is slim to none. The nurses don't trust you, the doctor's don't listen, and all of the Overeater Anonymous (OA) programs are led by patients themselves! Family therapy meetings are always disastrous and finding friends is even harder when there is no one to trust. Struggling with a disease or disorder like this is tough no matter who you are. At 15, Jennifer actually knew she had a problem and wanted to get help right away. I was blown away by this "autobiographical memoir" as author J.J. Johnson puts it. I love, love, loved reading this! 

To learn more about Jennifer Johnson, check out her website:

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with another wonderful read!!

Mark your calendars, Believarexic comes out October 1st!

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