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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Darcy Patel has finally written her first novel. Becoming a debut author is tough, especially when moving to New York knowing absolutely no one but the other debut authors. At YA Drinks night, Darcy meets Kiralee Taylor, her favorite author in the world; as well as her new girlfriend, Imogen. Imogen helps Darcy find Apartment 4C and teaches her the way of the city, just eat your way through it and you'll know the city. Two debut authors living together can get extremely messy, especially when your girlfriend is 5 years old and sometimes makes typos. Darcy learns so much about life, relationships, and writing within the first year of living in New York. Imogen keeps her distracted, so will she ever finish her sequel, Untitled Patel?

Darcy's debut novel is Afterworlds, where 3000 year old Hindu Death God, Yamarji, helps Lizzie during a terrorist attack. The 911 operator says, "Well, honey, maybe you should just act dead." Which activates Lizzie's switch to the flipside. Yama is there to guide all the souls to the underworld, to his and Yami's kingdom. That's when he realizes, Lizzie needs him because she's not dead. She thought her way into the flipside. Lizzie begins to see ghosts everywhere she goes. 11 year old Mindy pops up in her house and begins talking about how she's known Lizzie her entire life. But how, why? Mindy was murdered by the bad man. Lizzie's mom was her childhood friend and remembers her more than anyone. Her soul resides in Lizzie's house. But the bad man is there, he still lurks. But could there be more bad men? Lizzie needs the answers and she knows Yama can help. In the mean time, Lizzie has to decide what she wants to be. A soul guide? An angel of death? A psychopomp? Time stands still on the flipside. She still has time to find her shine. 

I love the concept behind this book. It's literally two novel in one. Scott Westerfeld did a magnificent job separating the two and showing us everything Darcy wanted us to see. When I first started, I only wanted Lizzie's story. I couldn't care less about Darcy and her love life. But suddenly, I couldn't wait to see what Darcy and Imogen had gotten themselves into. Personally, I would love to see Scott Westerfeld write the sequel to Afterworlds. Untitled Patel would be a wonderful addition to this novel!  

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