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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Spotlight: The Revenge

I have teamed up with Sourcebooks Fire to provide you all with an exclusive excerpt of The Revenge by Hannah Jayne! Not only have they given me this excerpt to share, but they are also asking for ONE LUCKY READER to receive a paperback copy of The Revenge!!
Hannah Jayne is also the author of Twisted, check out the excerpt for it! 
Details on the giveaway below. :)
Every step I took into the forest sent a new shiver down my spine. The temperature dropped, and another dark fingerprint of night clouded my vision. I tried to remember everything I had learned in self-defense classes, tried to recall everything I'd seen characters do in survival type situations. I cocked my head and listened for civilization: cars on a road, hikers calling out to each other, but there was only silence.
 The quiet was all encompassing. Deafening. Even the sounds of nature were mute. There was no breeze, nothing rustling leaves or crackling twigs. For that I should have been grateful but all I could think about was being alone- alone with Daniel somewhere out here. I tried to get my bearings, wracking my brain for any clue that would tell me in which direction I should be going, but there was nothing. To my left the trees were huge, heavy branches thick pine needles, some scraping the ground. The tree trunks were massive, some burned out, some so choked with thorny vines that I couldn't see where one ended and the other began but I knew I couldn't go through them. To my right, the tree trunks were thinner but the forest was denser, just inches between some trees with the occasional boulder interspersed, a thick blanket of moss covering everything. I shrunk into my tee shirt, wishing I still had my hoodie, my shoes, but the thought of Daniel, of going back to that house, to his weird plaintive eyes and flat mouth made my blood run cold. I had to keep going, to keep walking. I had to make a decision, to pick a direction and just go. But when I heard the twig breaking behind me, I was paralyzed.
I stopped, praying for that once-deafening silence but suddenly there was noise everywhere: blue jays cawing. Something small scrabbling through the pine needles and dry brush. The thud of my own heart. The rush of my own blood.
He'll hear me.
I didn't dare breathe, the sound a ragged tear through my lungs, but my lungs constricted and burned and I let out a half-groan, half-breath.
He's on to my for sure.
I dug my toes into the wet ground and pushed off, hands fisted, legs pumping, running again. Pine needles were slapping at my bare skin, felt like they were slicing across my arms.
Through the trees. A snatch of color zipping by.
A car.
My heart swelled, slammed against my rib cage.
There was a road up ahead. 
I couldn't hear the motors, the tires on the road but I knew they were there, they had to be there. Up ahead, a little further. There was a clearing and I dropped to my knees, crouching down like an animal and looking wildly around. I paused, listening for Daniel. Leaves breaking, twigs crackling, footsteps across the soft, moss-covered earth?
 I pushed myself forward on hands and knees. I could feel twigs and tiny rocks pressing against my knees, cutting into my palms, but I didn't care. I left a trail of blood. I kept pressing on. It seemed to take forever, but finally I was at the edge of the road. I felt like I could breathe for the first time.
The first car whizzed by and I wasn't ready for it, but the breeze it created, a thick, hot wind twinged with cold from the night air slapped my face and I laughed.
I was saved. 
I pushed myself to standing, stumbled to the middle of the road. The blacktop was still vaguely warm on the bottoms of my feet and I waved my arms over my head in the darkness. My heart was still thundering. 
I kept waving.
No one was coming.
There were no streetlights and the dark that was just a mild smudge was closing in, was squeezing out every inch of daylight. I could feel my feet on the concrete. I could feel the cold settling into my fingertips. 
But I couldn't see anything.
I couldn't hear anything.
The air left my lungs. My entire body deflated and I crumbled to my knees, rolled to my side, trying to absorb every bit of the cement's heat into my body. I was shivering now, and crying.
No one was coming. I was all alone.

Winner is Sasha IG: (booksandreviewgalore)!!

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