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Friday, April 24, 2015

Love Lies Beneath

I am pleased to announce to have finished reading my first novel provided to me by Net Galley online in exchange for an honest review! I was lucky enough to receive one of my favorite authors, Ellen Hopkins. I enjoy everything she writes, but this one was not targeted at teens, it was targeted towards 40 year old women. (Keep that in mind when reading it.) Honestly, I loved it regardless. Love Lies Beneath gives us the opportunity to follow Tara's love life through all of the twist and turns, even through the sexy strangers she meets. While skiing with her sister, she takes a nasty fall and winds up in the hospital. But Tara can't let the doctor get away and actually asks for his number, little did she know he'd teach her the meaning of love. When Tara moves in, she not only gains a fiancée, but also a 17 year old son with an attitude and a lying problem. I wish I understood where Ellen Hopkins was going with the end of the story, but I'm thinking there may be a sequel?!

Mark your calendars! Love Lies Beneath comes out July 21! 

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