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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Imaginary Friend

How?! How in the world did Stephen Chbosky write this and Perks of Being a Wallflower?! I've asked myself that questions repeatedly over the last 3 days of terror while reading Imaginary Friend.

The whole premise revolves around a 7 year old boy who gets lost in the woods for 6 six days. When he's found, everything has changed. He feels smarter, people are noticing him, but all he can think about is going back into those woods to see the nice man who saved him.

When the nice man starts telling him about the hissing lady and the imaginary world, Christopher stops sleeping and starts building a tree house, which becomes a portal to the imaginary world. He can visit the nice man whenever he wants, but the nice man starts asking too much of him. He begins training him to kill the hissing lady. He terrorizes Christopher day and night.

It doesn't sound scary from my description but I was legitimately sleeping with the light on because the whole premise of the book is to not fall asleep. The imaginary world wakes up when you fall asleep. The terror of seeing their bleeding eyes, hearing the desperate cries for help, watching the blood flow through the street of each person's personal hell would be enough to keep you awake.

I'm amazed that after 20 years, Stephen Chbosky came back with such a kick-ass book. Perks is one of my all time favorite reads. So even though Imaginary Friend is a completely different genre, Chbosky's fingerprints are all over it. It's obvious that he worked so hard to craft this imaginary world into something horrendous and I definitely enjoyed every minute of the terror.

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