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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Table Between Us

I don't usually read a lot of poetry.
But I joined a few book related groups where people can share reviews, articles, and authors can share their work. Which is how I came across Kendricks Fields, an American author who currently lives in the same city as me, IN SOUTH KOREA. This fact alone made me want to read his work.

So The Table Between Us is a poetry book (can be found on Amazon). It's a quick read about love and heartbreak. But to me, personally it felt like young love. One of my favorite poems was X's and O's, which actually takes place on a school bus. Another one I liked was Intoxicated. It told such a vivid story, a story that most people can relate to. 

I think that's what I got out of this book; that young love can feel like the best thing in the world but it can also feel like the worst. It's the beginnings, the electricity, the excitement of starting a new relationship that makes the chase feel worth it. But once the realities of life start setting in, things begin to fade, to crumble, to inevitably end.

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