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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The You I've Never Known

I hate that Ellen Hopkins broke from her one word titles. 
The You I've Never Know does not fit this novel as much as the original title: Chameleon.
I hate that she broke from writing strictly in verse to instead include both verse and prose.
 I also hate that Maya's Journal at the end. I found it completely pointless.
As you all know, anything Ellen Hopkins is my favorite.
This book was not near as dark as some of her others but still had a dangerous twist. 
We read from the POV of Ariel and Maya. 
Ariel is struggling to understand who she is. Her entire life consisted running from town to town with her father. She never got to make friends, a social life, or indulge in regular teenage activities. But for some reason, her dad actually begins settling down, which allows Ariel a chance to satisfy her curiosity. 
Maya loves her best friend Tati, loves her so much that she was willing to hustle some alcohol from a couple of Fort Hood soldiers. But when she becomes pregnant at 16, she has a few decisions to make. Keep or kill? Move with mom or marry Jason? Keeping her baby was the best decision she had ever made, but marrying Jason was one of the worst. He took her baby. He took her whole world. He went AWOL just to get away and was willing to hurt those he "loved". 
But knowing Ellen Hopkins, what could be the twist?
How do Ariel and Maya cross paths?
I can't ruin it for you guys, just pick up the book.

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