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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Noticer

This book is a little out of my comfort zone, but I still enjoyed every second of it.
Andy Andrews is from Orange Beach, Alabama, a little town right next to the little town that I grew up in. 
Jones is a noticer. He notices the little things that we often overlook. He sees the pain we feel, the happiness we have, and how our perspectives truly shape who we are. Jones is there for a second and gone in a flash, but he is always there when you need him most. Throughout the book, we see several different peoples perspectives change when Jones walks into their lives. We see Andy himself find his way out from under the pier. We see married couples rekindling their love for each other. We see business men realize how their decisions affect everyone around them. We see men become fathers and teens become friends. All because their perspectives changed. 
The story was perfect. Jones became the light these people needed. He lit the way for their path and gave helpful advice along the way. 
But what I loved most about this book was that I knew all of the landmarks, all of the people, and all of the honesty behind Andy Andrew's words. The way he portrays the people in OBA and GSA are spot on. Jenny from China Dragon, really does run around with the phone in her hand. Mark from UPS always has a smiling face, even after driving in the summertime heat all day. And Willow, oh Willow. This wonderful woman lived right down the street from me, but I never knew what she was going through. I was a child when we met. I'd like to think my sister and I helped change her perspective every time we spent time with her.
This book really did give me such happiness. I want to say that Jones is someone that we all know. I want to say I've even run into him. But we will never actually know. The man had an eye for the bigger picture and knew how to share it with everyone he met.

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