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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Auggie & Me

Auggie & Me, the companion novel to Wonder is told in 3 separate points of view. Julian, the bully; Chris, the childhood best friend; and Charlotte, the goody two shoes. 
The Julian Chapter: We get Julian's story, his background, his insight as to why he's so mean to Auggie. Julian has nightmares, horrible, horrible nightmares about Auggie and that's something he can't control. But what he can control is how he treats the people he's afraid of. His mother babies him excessively. She photoshops Auggie out of the class picture to calm Julian, but he never thought she'd pass them out to his classmates. At the end, Julian does make a turning point and email Mr. Browne with his precept: Sometimes, it's good to start over.
Pluto:Chris has known Auggie's family since FOREVER. He's totally changed into full middle-schooler mode. He forgets his homework, his instruments, his old friends. But when his mom is in a car accident, his views start changing back. Should he call his old friend? Should they video chat? Auggie and his family has always been there for Chris, why shouldn't he be there for Auggie when Daisy dies?
 Shingaling: Charlotte was asked to be Auggie's welcome buddy to Beecher Prep. She was too good to say no. She organized the coat drive and was more than likely to be given a medal for it at the end of the year. But Ms. Antanabi brings 3 unlikely girls together to do the Shingaling at the end of the year. Ximena, Summer, and Charlotte become fast friends and teach each other many lessons. Ximena is beyond popular. She's never been mean to Auggie, but she's never been nice either. Summer is the definition of kindness. She became Auggie's friend just because she wanted to, not because she had to. Charlotte, was Auggie's welcome buddy, but never really took that too seriously. She changed the way she acted around teachers and students. 
 Auggie & Me was not nearly as good as Wonder. Nothing will compare to the story that started kindness. While I enjoyed seeing these kids' background and learning of their stories, this companion novel was completely unnecessary. If you enjoyed Wonder as much as I did, you may want to avoid this one.  

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