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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tricks & Traffick

When I first read Tricks, it ruined my life. But 6 years later, Traffick finally brought me closure to the 5 teens introduced in Tricks. Ginger, Eden, Whitney, Cody, and Seth all followed different paths to destruction. Sex, drugs, gambling. Turning tricks in Vegas seemed like a necessity for survival. But so much more comes from turning tricks. So much comes from exploiting their bodies in ways teens should never have to do. Addictions, gambling, physical and mental abuse. Those men don't love you. Those pimps don't love you either. Each teen has a story that needs to be told.
Traffick brought these 5 teens back into my life. This is their stories of their roads to recovery. Ginger gets picked up for soliciting an undercover officer and finds herself in House of Hope, a recovery program for victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. But can she find love after Alex? Can she forgive her mother for causing all of her pain? Eden finds herself in a similar situation at the Walk Straight program, where she hopes to God that her little sister hasn't found home in Tears of Zion. Whitney, oh Whitney. Can she ever defeat the Lady? New paraplegic, Cody has to relearn how to walk, while wondering how Ronnie could still love him. Seth finally found his community at the YouCenter for LGBTQ youth, when he gets the call that his dad is dying. His dad who disowned him for being gay. Can any of these teens find forgiveness and happiness in their heart?

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