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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Paper Towns

Are we made of strings? Margo Roth Spiegelman thinks so. Inside of us is just a million little strings waiting to be broken. Those strings make up who we are, what we like, and how we live out our journeys. It all starts with 9 year olds Margo and Quentin when they found a man that shot himself on their neighborhood playground. They were the best of friends until popularity came into the picture where Margo was at the top and Q was at the bottom. Until Margo creates the ultimate night to bring him up the popularity chain. After 11 crazy adventures and the night of Q's life, Margo just disappears. Her disappearance makes both of their groups of friends come together for a common goal, FIND MARGO. Four uncommon friends travel through multiple paper towns and abandoned buildings trying to find their friend and ultimately the love of Q's life. John Green created the perfect road map for everyone living in a paper town with a paper life just waiting for the strings to break. 

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