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Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's been a good couple of years since I first read Burned. So bear with me, I'm a little bit fuzzy on the exact details of the book. But here goes nothing! Burned is where we meet the Von Stratten family. Good ole Johnny Black is part of the family as well. They were raised to be a perfect little mormon family. Life couldn't be better having 7 girls running around the house. This story is told through Pattyn's and Jackie's eyes. Pattyn is the oldest and is slowly realizing how disturbing the LDS Community really is. She begins experimenting with alcohol and gets herself involved with boys. When her father finds out, he beats her and then sends her off to her Aunt J's ranch. Pattyn found true love with a boy named Ethan. While she's away, her mother is pregnant with her eighth child and cannot take a beating from her husband every day. The next oldest sister, Jackie, now becomes the center of attention.  Eventually, Pattyn becomes pregnant. Her father obviously would never approve of that. Suddenly, Ethan and Pattyn are in a car crash. This kills Ethan and causes Pattyn to lose the baby. Pattyn vows to avenge Ethan's death and plans to kill her father. Skipping back to Jackie's side of the story, she "fell in love" with a boy named Caleb. She just wanted to find love the same way Pattyn did. She didn't know that Caleb wouldn't stop when she said no. The end of the book is a complete surprise. Pattyn shows up as Jackie is getting a beating. Then, shots were fired...

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