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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ali's Pretty Little Lies

This is for anyone who has kept up with the Pretty Little Liars series! We all know Ali, we love to hate her; but deep down, we all wish we could be her. Lets take a step back and actually meet her twin sister, Courtney. How did Courtney become Ali? Well, Ali's Pretty Little Lies is the story of how Courtney tricked her parents into believing she was Ali. When she was visiting home from her mental hospital, The Radley, she snagged some of Ali's clothes and her favorite ring. Pretty soon, Courtney becomes Ali and Ali becomes Courtney. After watching her sister get shipped off to the psych ward, Courtney realizes she can never be herself again. We get the inside scoop on all things Ali. This prequel will leave you wondering. Could this be the start of A?

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