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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Shadow Crimes

Earlier this month I participated in the PICT book tour for Shadow Crimes. As I was typing up the excerpt for my post (which you can find here), I realized this book might grab my interest more than I expected. So I hopped on and got myself an e-copy.
Now before you head over to the excerpt, I want you to know that I have posted a disclaimer that it includes a rape scene. In fact, the entire book has several rape scenes.
That being said, let's jump in.
Shadow Crimes starts with the brutal attack on an up and coming redheaded model named Rhonda. The modeling industry was shaken by this startling event and starts looking out for their own a little more. The story then jumps to our protagonist, Anna, a redheaded model who has just been discovered. She moves to NYC to becoming fully immersed in the lifestyle, but at just 18 she might be in over her head. Nevertheless, she keeps her eyes and ears open and always trust her gut. But that might not always be enough. When she takes a modeling gig in Italy, her career suddenly takes off. She's now an international model, who wouldn't want her on their team?! 
Anna has a nagging feeling that she should be more careful because the killer could be near. I mean, he got to one of her dear friends. Nobody is safe anymore.
Shadow Crimes was unlike any book I've read before, but it was good. 
Well, it was okay.
It's super anticlimactic because about halfway through the book, you basically can guess who the killer is and I promise you'll be right.
But overall, it was a good, quick read; one that I would definitely recommend to my friends.  

Looking for the excerpt?

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