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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The First Phone Call From Heaven

Mitch Albom truly created another masterpiece.
In the small town of Coldwater, Michigan, several people are beginning to receive phone calls claiming to be from their deceased relatives and loved ones in Heaven. Everything is brought to attention when Katherine Yellin speaks out in church saying her sister has called her and wants everyone to know what Heaven is like. What Katherine does not know is she was not the only one to get a phone call. Small time news anchor Amy comes to Coldwater to cover the story only to become lifelong friends with Katherine. Sully Harding has just been released from prison when these calls start coming in and he begins investigating. No one can ACTUALLY call from Heaven. Police Chief, Jack Sellers starts getting calls from his son who was killed in Afghanistan. But the question is, should he tell his ex-wife? Tess Raferty got a call from her mother saying that there is no worries in Heaven, just peace. She should tell everyone that. Coldwater blows up over the phone calls from Heaven. Visitors from all over have come to witness the phenomenon, but what is really happening? Is it real?
Mitch Albom created such an amazing novel that you will have to find out that answer yourself. The way all of the characters find solace in one another is exactly what the novel needed. 

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