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Friday, June 7, 2013

Just an Update

My fellow readers! It is time to update this post once again! Early this week, A Reader's Diary started an Instagram page, areaders.diary!! I will frequently be posting photos of the books I have read, am currently reading, and will read. Not to mention we have started doing giveaways!! Giveaways are easy to enter: follow the blog, follow the instagram, and enter to win! I cannot wait to show all of you the new and improved Reader's Diary. I hope you guys enjoy!!
As always, Jessica

Hey there readers! Updating this post yet again. As I said in my earlier post, this is no longer a school project for me. Although it is no longer summer vacation, I've had quite a bit on my plate! No more free time for this college freshman. ): I'm hoping to add many more new books of different genres this year, but who knows. I'm also trying to let everyone know that I DO HAVE A GOODREADS ACCOUNT. I encourage all readers to get one, they are so helpful!! Here is the link to my account:
Enjoy, Jessica. :)

Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately, its been so busy! If it isn't obvious, it's summer vacation and that means my blog as a school project is OVER. I do plan on keeping it up, but it will no longer be weekly. Whenever I finish a book, I'll post my review! Thanks for keeping up with A Reader's Diary, I really do appreciate it!! Much love, Jessica. :)

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