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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fahrenheit 451

What would it be like to be a firefighter? In Fahrenheit 451, a firefighter is not what you'd expect. These firefighters start fires when they find someone that is hiding books. Books have been outlawed in this little town. Guy Montag is hired as a fireman, but shortly thereafter, meets a girl who makes him question every ounce of his being. During the time period that this was written, book burning was a major issue in America. This book is written to show how books are slowing losing their value in society. Realize this was written in 1953, and still rings true today. Guy begins stealing books from the houses they've burned. The Fire Chief, Captain Beatty, begins to wondering if Montag is up to something. Eventually telling him that all firemen steal a book, but to stay out of trouble it must be burned within the next 24 hours. Captain Beatty recounts the time he was an avid reader, before books were banned when the fire alarm begins squealing. Moments later, Montag must destroy his own house... His wife and friends reported there were books in the house. He then ignites his boss, Captain Beatty into flames and takes off into the night.
Due to the recent banning of The Fault in Our Stars, I felt it was necessary to show how long book banning has gone on. This was the 1950's and 1960's and technology was already beginning to dehumanize us. The banning of books will not benefit anyone in the long run. These issues must be spoken upon in a way that people understand. Banning children from reading particular books will not teach them anything they need for life. Please share this with your friends and get the word out.

Rest in Peace
Ray Bradbury
June 5, 2012