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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Serial Killer Whisperer

Tony Ciaglia suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child and began feeling like a complete outsider. The only people he could really relate with were gruesome serial killers. He began researching some of the most famous killers around. He found "murderabila" website where a purchased a letter that was supposedly handwritten by killer, Ted Bundy. This sparked his interest in learning more about them. Before too long, he had a list of killers he would begin writing to in prison. His very "best friend" was cannibalistic killer, Arthur Shawcross. We read the letters between Tony and Arthur and in a way we see a different side of the killer. However, we also see the gruesome killer inside of him. A few of Tony's other best friends were killers David Gore and Joe Metheny. All of these killers have found someone to confide in and call a friend and Tony is proud to be that guy. Throughout the book we see that Tony is struggling to understand that he is not like his killer friends. It takes him awhile to get over that, but it eventually works out on his behalf. Tony starts working the cold cases that these murderers are supposedly a part of. He uses the letters to help bring the victims families some kind of relief and the answers they have been looking for.
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Obviously, you all know I love a good murder story, especially the ones that actually happen. Don't take this the wrong way, I am studying criminal justice and find the inner workings of these killers minds quite interesting. Just wanted to clear that up right away!